Gretchen’s Diary #2: Graduate Woes

Ah, yes. Another day in the office. So tranquil. So peaceful. So relaxing, as I sit in one of twenty broken chairs thrown into the intern office. Jammed between the babbling co-worker, the trash can, and the printer, I quietly read the newspaper and sip my morning coffee.

Periodically, I glance out the window to gaze at the beautiful, endless smog. There are now six interns talking in the room, three conversations at once. I decide we should work.

Today’s errands include purchasing stamps, returning parking money, filling and unloading an entire flatbed of groceries into a beat-up minivan, and storing the goods in the office. All unpaid.

I have never been more thankful for a bachelor’s degree and the loans that will take a decade to repay.

– Gretchen, the Grumbling Grad


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