Gretchen’s Diary #3: Nothing Beats the Taste of Free

What is it about free food that could turn the most civilized student into an unsavory character? I think it goes beyond the instinctive need to forage or the primitive desire to savagely feast. Does food taste better because it is free? If your employer or college short-changed you before, is taking advantage of their platter justice? Does it feel like every bite of cold pizza and every pocketed bagel is a way of “sticking it to the man?”

By God, yes.

And to reach this justice, would you be willing to hop into a century-old freight elevator? Even if it’s a dilapidated, vertical-moving cage where you risk losing fingers in the metal grating’s latch? What if you get stuck on the second floor and must call the CEO for help, only to hear your co-workers laughing through the elevator shaft? Laughing at your expense. Is it worth it?

By God, yes.

Tomorrow’s lasagna will never taste better.

– Gretchen, the Grumbling Grad


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