How to Go Crazy At Work

And still be socially acceptable.

1. Spin over 360 degrees in your chair.
Let loose! If you’re feeling dangerous, spin while co-workers are watching, or while you are on the phone to a client. Whoa. Now that’s crazy!

2. Play a game of trash basketball.
Next time you get a printer jam or a useless memo, crumple that paper up and shoot some hoops. It can be with yourself, or with a friend!

3. Give receptionists the run-around.
Find a co-worker to get in on this game with you. First, call the reception. Have her transfer you to your co-worker. Then have the co-worker transfer you back to the receptionist. Then have the receptionist transfer you back to the co-worker again. Get it?

4. Leave mysterious post-it notes.
Put one on the fridge that reads “Open at Own Risk” Put one on a computer that says “Quarantined for Viral Infection” Put one on the bathroom door that reads “Occupied” with a doodle of an unhappy face.

5. Take off your shoes.
Don’t be worried about what people will think, or what people will smell. Just do it.

6. Change your keyboard settings.
Try to type a message in another language with your English keyboard. Or, try using a foreign keyboard for English messages.

7. Celebrate your success.
Go around and give everyone a high-five. Maybe even throw in a happy dance. I dare you.

8. Develop creative paper shredding strategies.
Why use a paper shredder when you can use your own karate chopping arm? You could even try zig-zag scissors and origami.

9. Change your screen saver.
Does it still have the corporate logo? Does it just go blank? Change it to something interesting! Make it a slideshow of cats.

10. Actually go somewhere for lunch.
Even if you packed a lunch, if it’s a nice day, sit outside. Talk to the smoker next to you and see how her day is going. Feed the pigeons. You have the rest of the day to want to kill yourself, so why not?

Live a little!


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