My List of LIkes

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

I like unexpected surprises.
Like when you see two old ladies randomly reuniting in the grocery store.

I like to secretly laugh at other people.
Like when you hear your roommate accidentally knock over a bottle of shampoo in the nearby bathroom.

I like to be the center of attention.
I mean like being life of the party… not like being the embarrassment of the group.

I like to feel beautiful.
Even if it’s because that creepy guy I always see hitting on other women finally hit on me.

I like feeling accomplished.
Like when I cross something off my To Do list. And not one of those things at the top of the list that I actually want to do. One of the ones at the bottom that I’ve been avoiding for a year.

I like making other people happy.
Even if it’s because I gave them directions to the nearest bathroom.

I like to travel.
Mostly in the literal sense, but also in the daydreaming sense.

I like to talk.
Have you noticed yet?

I like to be lazy.
Like when you don’t even have the energy to join a 2-way conversation, and that doesn’t bother you at all.

I like feeling confident.
Like when you talk to the cutest boy in the room just to show that you have that power.

I like reality checks.
Like when you spend hours believing one thing, and in two seconds a friend can assure you it’s ridiculous. Thinking the cutest boy in the room is actually interested, for example.

I like to indulge.
Mainly by eating food.

I like to be daring.
Like when you run up the stairs two steps at a time. Or when you keep driving your car, despite low gas, just to see if you can make it before the tank empties.

I like to be energetic.
To the point where people think something is wrong with me. It’s addicting.

I like to have fun.
(See all above)


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