Sarah Monsoon Vs. Talking Godzilla

“You’ll never take me alive!” screamed Talking Godzilla.

“Then, I’ll have to take you dead,” Sarah Monsoon commanded.

Standing at five feet and six inches, Sarah paled to Godzilla’s sixty stories of towering dino power, but it wouldn’t stop her. Atop the Tokyo Tower, she could hear the screams of chaos through the whirling winds that carried whispers of collisions and destruction to the structure’s peak.

Godzilla’s right leg lifted slowly, and with his colossal weight, it pounded into the windows and concrete of a nearby skyscraper. Below him, the left leg had obliterated the street’s pavement, leaving a foot-shaped crater over a line of newly flattened Honda Civics.

One deaf man, covered in ash, lifted himself from a mangled sushi cart and hobbled away with the other fleeing survivors. Terrified, they scattered like a thousand ants in all directions.

“Godzilla!!” screamed Sarah in a guttural tone.

Unaffected by her presence, Godzilla only drew breath. He bent his ancient body forward and bellowed a monstrous flame, scorching all in its wake. Lurching side to side, with all his power, lashing his gigantic tail. It crashed into the building walls, shattering glass, throwing stone, and using it’s enormous scales to scathe skyscraper walls.

Sarah could take it no more. Her biceps tightened, and her head tilted downward, staring only at the malevolent monster.

“You should know never to attack Japan in the summer.”


Godzilla’s breath drew back. He stopped, and while leaning forward, looked up at his adversary.

Sarah gave a dark and sly smile. “It’s monsoon season.”

And with these words, the skies grew dark. Winds quickened. A force seemed to emanate from Sarah’s being, hurling the atmosphere, bending to her will. A menacing storm clustered above downtown Tokyo, aimed at Godzilla.

“No,” he uttered. “It cannot be.”

The gusts grew in strength, pulling shrapnel from his surroundings soaring in his direction, circling him.

Pokemon cards, confusing sign posts, and Nokia billboards hurdled at Godzilla in the hurricane-like winds. He lost his balance, and in one push of her hands, Sarah commanded the winds, throwing him into the air. A soaring Goliath, his body blasted the sands of the oceanfront upon landing.

Using the winds to carry her, Sarah landed on a nearby resort rooftop.
Godzilla, regaining his bearings on the surroundings, spotted her.

“Hah. Think that will stop me?” He winced, and slowly lifted his giant dinosaur body from the shore.

“Maybe not, but this will.”

Godzilla turned his head toward the ocean, just as the sunlight on his face diminished into shadow, the shadow of a tidal wave.

Atop the roof, Sarah pulled both fists toward her body, reeling the titanic wave forward, and unleashing its force upon the monster. Battered with the wave, Godzilla was hurled onto the sand once again.

Sarah curled her hands downward, and the wave circled back into itself.
And with her last expellment of energy, Sarah shoved both hands toward the sea.

Gozilla was no match for the forces of nature, and tumbled out with the waves.

He continued out to the horizon. Sarah watched until he disappeared.
The skies cleared, and Sarah collapsed in exhaustion.

“Sayonara, Godzilla,” she whispered with that same sly smile.


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