Everyday Annoyances

  1. Looking for the money in your pants pocket, only to realize you’ve washed your pants.
  2. People who walk five-across the sidewalk. (Why? Just why. Are they off to see the wizard?)
  3. Leaving the room during a commercial, taking too long, and coming back for the next commercial.
  4. Stop and go traffic.
  5. Setting your car to cruise and, at the last second, another car cuts in front of you.
  6. Realizing a t-shirt doesn’t fit anymore, and you have to completely re-think your wardrobe.
  7. Missing a sock in the laundry.
  8. Radio stations that keep playing the same songs over and over.
  9. Refusing to ask for help at the store, fruitlessly searching for an hour, asking for help, and learning they don’t have it.
  10. People who talk on their cell phone while ordering food.
  11. People whose underwear hangs out of their pants completely. Like, waistline-at-the-knees low, so they waddle when they walk.
  12. Salespeople pressuring you to spend more money.
  13. Zippers that get stuck repeatedly.
  14. Repacking a suitcase or store product and failing to make it fit.
  15. Advertisements. All of them. I mean what kind of world are we living in, where the incessant need to pester and prod our minds with useless plugging of advertisements exists everywhere?! The only place advertisements don’t exist is in our sleep. And one day, I bet they’ll take that too.

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