Fire Hydrant Fun

This past summer, somebody unscrewed a fire hydrant in my neighborhood, and it was spraying water. What do they call this, a ghetto sprinkler? To do this, you put two tires around the hydrant with a wooden board wedged between them, at an angle. So, water hits the board and shoots upward, covering a large area.

I had never seen this in real life before, and thought it was cool. So, I started taking pictures. A lot of the neighborhood kids were playing in the water, and some of the girls started jumping into my photos.

“Take a picture of us!”

They were adorable, so I snapped some photos. There was also a crazy man who wanted in, so I took a picture of his toothy smile.

Anyway, after a while I had to go, but I felt weird with all these photos of kids on my camera. So, I thought it would be better if I gave the photos to a parent.
I got the e-mail from one of the girls.

When I tried to send them later, they wouldn’t go through.

I cycled back to the block hoping to run into the girl again and get the right email.
I saw her friend on the sidewalk. At this point, I started to feel awkward. I mean, my intentions were good, but it was kind of a creepy situation.

I think the girl picked up on this vibe because she gave me a very hesitant wave.

To make it worse, my bike brakes weren’t working, and I slowly crashed into the curb, bracing myself on a car hood. She just kind of looked at me.

This girl is maybe 10 years old, and here I am feeling embarrassed and awkward in front of her.

It was so dumb.

But, her mom was on the porch step, and I was able to send the photos successfully. Mission accomplished.


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