What Can Ruin Concerts

1. Really Loud Drunk People
They laugh during sad songs. They shout when it’s quiet. They fall on top of you and spill beer down your shirt. Sloppy and stupid, I wish they’d pass out already.

2. Crowders
These people are the worst, constantly brushing elbows or flipping their hair in your face. They will not stop until they’ve completely taken over your spot. And then they still keep going.

3. Movers
“Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry.” By some unfortunate fate, you’re in the middle of exiting and re-entering listeners’ paths. You move. You shift back. You move again. You shift back again. It’s a perpetual dance for traffic and it sucks.

4. Moshers
These circular formations of pure testosterone are deadly. You’ll get shoved, punched or otherwise physically abused if you don’t watch your proximity.

5. Bad Back-up Singers
I like listening to the lead singer. I don’t like listening to the tone deaf fan, whose out to prove they know all the lyrics. Every. Single. Word.

6. Tall People
I know you can’t help it, but everyone behind you is ticked.

7. People With Hats And Crazy Hair
Are you obstructing views on purpose? Quit it.

However, sometimes you get front row seats for your favorite band, and it’s like you died and went to heaven. It’s a trade off.


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