Things I’ve Realized in My 20’s

1. Family is Important.

Motherly smothering is something I completely took for granted, as are family vacations. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

2. Life is hard.

You don’t always get your dream job, and you don’t always find true love. But to quit looking would be the real tragedy.

3. The older you get, the less time you have.

Make sure you spend it doing things you want. Use up your vacation time, have a night out, and stay passionate.

4. They’re not worth it.

Stop spending time with people who don’t care about you, and stay close to those who do. If they treated you badly before, they’ll treat you badly again. Some people are built with poorly constructed character, deserving neither time nor thought.

5. You might not be prepared for the quarter-life crisis because either:

A. You still don’t know what you want to do with your life
B. You know what you want, but it’s not panning out perfectly

6. Don’t obsess over your biological clock.

If you ignored the quarter-life crisis, it’ll come back two-fold in the mid-life crisis. Don’t get married or have children because it fits a mold. That’s stupid. Get married and have children because nothing in the world could make you happier.

7. Work hard, and play hard.

Now is the time to get it out of your system. Now is the time to fight for your goals. Just be smart about it, because the hangovers only get worse and the metabolism only slows down.

8. Your first love is always with you.

It’s okay. It’s normal to carry those feelings. Remember it as a happy chapter in your life, but be prepared to turn the page.

9. You’re going to start seeing the world for what it really is.

High school and college are isolated bubbles of blissful recklessness. You knew there was a war somewhere, and that people were dying, but you didn’t really feel it. Acknowledge it now, truly. And, at the very least, be thankful for all that you have.

10. Did I mention life is hard?

Either through friends or relatives, or your own experience, you’ll realize how hard it is to provide for a family. Having children means giving up your own social life, your body (if you’re a woman) and your freedom to be a child yourself. You took for granted all that your parents gave up for you, and you love and respect them more as a fellow adult.

11. You can’t be happy unless you learn to accept the inevitable.

You’re going to see your parents slow down. You’re going to get old one day too. This is something that will never change. All you can do is live with no regrets. It leads to a happy and fulfilling life, and a peaceful rest.


2 responses to “Things I’ve Realized in My 20’s

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