Gretchen’s Diary #6: The New Working World

Dear Company,

Since when has it become industry standard to expect free labor? That is a crime, right?

Each week, you expect 40+ hours of unpaid, professional content development, and I understand we need to build a level of trust first. But, after I have proven my work ethic, skill and loyalty, you’d rather start the entire process over again with someone less experienced than actually hire the person who has dedicated the last 6 months earning respect within your walls?

You don’t call it an internship because people are being polished for employment. You call it an internship because you don’t want to call it a job. It should be job with total compensation. No, not partial compensation. Not an imaginary compensation of credit or reference, but actually being paid.

I’m sorry to hear you care more about saving money than quality of work, and I’m sorry you’ve been forced to put a price on forward-thinking creativity.
Most of all, I am sorry I didn’t see it coming.

Yours truly,
Gretchen, The Grumbling Grad


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