Signs You Live in Rural Michigan

1. Your friends need a car to visit your house, unless they have a 4-wheeler, snowmobile, horse or tractor.

2. Your school is next to a cornfield or forest. Or both.

3. You know everybody and their family. And their family gossip.

4. You can’t see your town on the map, and nobody has ever heard of it.

5. The biggest local events are the auto show, carnival, pancake breakfast, high school sports and any time a corporate chain opens. Maybe one year they built a skate park. People were ecstatic.

6. You own a pickup truck, and you can’t see the color through all the mud.

7. There’s a well in your backyard.

8. You couldn’t get cable if you tried.

9. Your most frequent visitors are deer, opossum, raccoons, rabbits, birds and the chickens you own.

10. Local businesses come and go, but there are multiple bars and churches.

11. So little happens, you have a joint newspaper with the nearby city.

12. At least half of the population wears cammo and carhartt.

13. Your grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins all live within a mile of you.

14. School is closed for the opening day of deer season.

15. Every celebration involves a bonfire.


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