Road Enragement II

Normally, I wouldn’t travel 10 hours round-trip for a day-long event. It doesn’t make any sense to spend that much time in the car.

Bachelorette parties, however, are an exception. I just wish I’d been better prepared for the aggravation.

Two hours into the trip, I stopped to pick up a friend. Her downtown was closed for an annual parade. I tried going north around the parade and coming back. The north side was closed for a 5K. I had to drive all the way back south, with her guidance by cell phone, to find a detour. The whole thing delayed us 30 minutes.

A couple minor re-routes later, we thought we’d arrived safely. We were wrong.

Apparently, my GPS couldn’t understand the hotel address. The street is “N US-31 N.” My GPS could only find “N US-31 S.” We eventually used my smartphone’s map to get there. This cost another 15 minutes.

After making a pit stop on the way back, we ran into another detour. The highway was closed and we had to explore some rustic dirt roads before meeting back up with civilization. This added 20 minutes.

I dropped my friend off and guess what. The freeway was closed again. It was a 10 mile detour that cost another 30 minutes because of traffic.

In the end, I spent roughly 12 hours driving over the course of two days. That’s over 25% of my weekend.

I can get over spending $100 in gas, but the amount of  lost time was killing me.

Sometimes you want to plow through traffic and fly home. But you can’t, and the frustration breaks you.


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