Types of Karaoke Singers

1. Valley Girls
They just want to have fun by singing Cyndi Lauper, Aqua, Madonna and Aretha Franklin. They also like to sing in packs.

2. Drunk Guys
These guys are usually regulars. Their rendition of any song is a loud drawl filled with sparse, improvised lyrics. Sometimes they just tap the microphone against their face and make grunting noises. At any rate, they’re having a good time.

3. Performers
Maybe they aren’t good enough for super stardom, but for a casual karaoke night, performers take the cake. Nobody likes following their talent, but everyone enjoys their act.

4. Duos
It’s always easier to fake it when someone else can cover you. Best friends and soul mates alike share classic two-part hits.

5. Foreign Men
Even though their accents make songs unidentifiable, foreign men bring the culture to karaoke night. About 50% of them are good dancers.

6. Kids in the Hood
Sometimes it’s not about how well you can sing, but how fast. These rappers know all the lyrics to every Busta Rhymes song ever made. That’s G, yo!

7. Country Folk
They get everyone into a chorus of “Red Neck Woman” or “Sweet Home Alabama.” The cowboy hats are optional and very much welcome.

8. Play-it-Safers
Lacking confidence in their ability, but yearning to woo the crowd, these singers pick classic hits that you can’t screw up. Sweet Caroline, anyone?

Which Karaoke singer are you?


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