Our Rollover Accident

I’ve had a few near-death experiences in my life, but nothing compares to the rollover.

First of all, 4/5 of my family were in the vehicle. We were cut off on the freeway, and the right shoulder was blocked with a 10ft concrete wall. With nowhere to maneuver, our vehicle began swerving drastically. We spun a 180 on the freeway.

I remember looking out the rear passenger window, at the rapidly-approaching median, and thinking “This isn’t so bad. Maybe we’ll slide nicely into the soil.”

Well, we started flipping instead.

Certain scenes from that moment play back slowly in my mind. I remember pens rolling across the ceiling, heads bobbing side to side, and arms dangling.

We flipped two and a half times, landing sideways on the shoulder of oncoming traffic. Thank the powers that be for that median. The situation could have ended very differently otherwise.

My initial thought was the vehicle would explode. Of course, that was daytime television’s influence, and no explosions occurred.

I undid my seat belt once we settled, but since we were sideways, I landed on my brother. Gravity was something I hadn’t considered, and before I could get hold of my bearings, the door opened, and I was lifted out.

Some good Samaritans stopped and pulled us from the wreck like it was nobody’s business. Within minutes, the police arrived to block traffic. EMT’s checked us out and let us go. Somehow, we were all okay.

Deep tracks cut across the grass. Our SUV suffered four blown out tires, crushed roofing, and a completely shattered rear window. Yet, the worst we got were minor bruises and seat belt rashes. We are so lucky.

To be honest, I was emotionally inhibited during the incident. I didn’t feel much except shock, and when everything turned out fine, I was actually smiling. We all were. Well, except my mother. She was a nervous wreck.

But we’re all very thankful, and this is my new reminder to myself.

Next time I want to text at the wheel, I’m going to think of that white car from 2008.  It caused our rollover and kept going like nothing happened.

They were obliviously reckless, and I never want to become that driver.


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