Gretchen’s Diary #8: Victory

It’s easy for a recent grad to be jealous of Mark Zuckerberg or Jenna Mourey. Because of social media and the internet, these two became hugely successful in their mid-twenties.

It’s easy to think the same thing could happen to you.
“I’ll make a game as famous as Angry Birds and be rolling in cash by Sunday!”

But, it doesn’t work like that.

Sure, many people live comfortably off of their mobile app development, blog or website, but many more people earn a living with actual careers.

Today, I am proud to announce my field-relevant, full-time employment.
It wasn’t easy, but I dedicated hours of hard work to applications and skill-building.

I sent my resume in January, and when an opening appeared, they sought me out!
How cool is that?!

The system is broken, but sometimes it works.

And with my extra income, I can develop an app that shoots lasers at annoying people.
Or, maybe it will just be a can-can line of dancing cats. I haven’t decided.

Regardless, it’s the beginning of a very bright future.

– Gretchen, the Grumbling Grad


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