It’s a whale of a tale on the seashore’s side.
The stories rushed in as quickly as the tide.
They talk of a man who knows no defeat.
He’s cunning, courageous, among the elite.

This captain at sea kept the pirates at bay.
His glare made foes quiver, or so they say.
No storm can shake him. No waves can break him,
And there’s no mistaking that no rogue can take him.

No eye patch or peg leg or hooked hand or scars.
Untouched by anything under the stars.
Has the might of a God with a swashbuckling mix.
He can pry his crew through any sticky fix.

He’s a lion-heart leader that’s quick as a whip.
Toward victory he steers his gloried ship.
It’s said the salty mist sprayed onto the land
Is carried there by The Captain’s command.

And all of the swabbies (those seafaring mates)
Harpoons, booms, landlubbers, and even the bait
Bow down in his presence to show loyalty
to the man being known ‘round the world rapidly.

He’s a hero and idol- “the Saint of the Sea.”
His soul will swim in it for eternity.
And even as time fades his light won’t be through.
‘Cause there is a captain inside all of you.


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