Gretchen’s Diary #9: Adult Decisions

Remember when you thought your parents were stupid and didn’t understand the struggles of life? They just couldn’t sympathize with your sixteen year-old problems!

Well, when you finally grow up, you realize that’s because your problems didn’t mean crap in the scheme of things. I mean, really? You aren’t doomed if your boyfriend texts that blonde from history class. Honey child, he’s sixteen. You want to talk about problems? Try affording health insurance and raising six kids.

Life becomes way easier when you can weed out the things that don’t matter. When you’re a teen, you think dating is the most important thing in the world. Like, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. And that’s why you care so much about your hair, your outfit, your social status, etc.

When you’re a real adult, you care about those things because you respect yourself, and the dates become a fun secondary. You don’t cry when he doesn’t call back, you shrug and say “he’s an idiot.”

Recently, I was faced with an adult decision. I had just earned a full-time position at a company I love, but was offered a prestigious short-term opportunity elsewhere. It was one of those crossroads that asked where my life is headed and how I will arrive. Should I uproot and relocate, or stay and risk regret? I had to evaluate my own future and make the call myself.

In the end, I stayed. I’m happy, and I know I made the right decision.

Not just a right decision, but an adult decision too.

And it was way harder than trying to pick a prom date.


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