My Relationship With Running

It wasn’t always easy.

Our journey has certainly gone both up and downhill.

Sure, in the beginning everything was exciting. Running and I were new to each other, and the fresh energy kept us close. Things were great. They truly were.

But then, we developed expectations.

Over time, things slowly changed. We secretly set goals without communicating clearly, and it created a rift in our relationship. I thought Running was too demanding. Running thought I was too weak. Often times, I felt hurt and frustrated, with a pain in my chest. The whole ordeal was tiring.

At one point, I nearly called it quits. I was so close to leaving, you wouldn’t believe it.

But I couldn’t go.

Something about Running kept pulling me back. I saw more than just the physical benefits. I saw Running’s potential.

We spent nearly a year (at least a full summer) working out our differences. It was an exercise in patience and dedication on a level I had never felt before. Through the experience, Running and I became very close.

Now, 8 years later, we are still going strong! Running boosts my confidence and makes me feel wonderful. We have such a healthy relationship!

Even with the rough patches, I happily reminisce our years together.
Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life without Running.

P.S. Please don’t tell any of this to Cycling. He’d fly off the handlebar with jealousy!


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