Ferociously Stalking the Laser Pointers

I’ve been watching your every movement.
Glaring as you taunt.
I’m a predator on the prowl.
With keen eyes on what I want.

I’m a lion in the savanna.
Lurking in the grass.
My claws are at the ready.
To attack the prey that pass.

Don’t be fooled by my small stature.
But be frightened by my roar.
It’s a thunderous meow
like you have never heard before.

Prepare for skillful pouncing.
For I am a fearsome cat.
Your movements may be swift,
But I am still swifter than that!

I have a primal fierceness
Despite my domestication
This living room will witness
Total feline domination!

I’ve got instinctive reflexes
I know you will be caught!
This time I am determined,
you irritating red dot!


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