Ninja vs. Samurai

I’m going to be a ninja for Halloween, so I brushed up on the role’s historical aspects.

Let me start by saying there’s a huge difference between Ninjas and Samurais.
DO NOT confuse the two! It’s against my ninja code.

Ninja Samurai
Followed the art of Ninjitsu Followed the code of Bushido
Typically commoners or disgraced Samurai Honorable and wealthy fighters
Spies, assassins and mercenaries sometimes hired by Samurais Noble and elite warriors loyal to their masters
Killed targets using any means necessary Fought in accordance with formal procedure
Used swords, staffs, martial arts, metals fans and poison Used swords, staffs, martial arts, bows and spears
Garbed in undercover outfits or navy blue dress Wore armored suits with clan identifying colors
Females were called Kuno-ichi Females were called Onna bugeisha
Reigned from 1300 and 1600 AD Reigned from 1000 to 1800 AD

That’s right! Historically, ninjas fought dirty. They didn’t use nun chucks or shurikens (throwing stars). They didn’t even wear black!

Don’t you feel cheated by Hollywood?
Me too.

But looking uncool on Halloween is against my ninja code. So, I’m ignoring history and going all out. Not only will I be the only ninja at my office, I will also be the only person wearing a costume.

Not bold enough?

I will also be garbed in ninja attire during the Halloween night performance of Wicked. Are any other Broadway musical attendees dressing up?

Caring is against my ninja code.

You know what isn’t against my ninja code? Practicing roundhouse kicks. I’ve been working on them all day.

You know why? Cause I’m a NINJA!


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