Calling It Out

Yesterday, my phone’s touchscreen stopped working.

It’s a few years old, and I’m due for a new one anyway. But, before I get rid of anything, I want to back up my data. There are text messages and documents I would like to save.

Since everything still works except the screen, I thought this should be possible. I went to the phone provider’s store and was helped by a salesperson.

“Hi, my touchscreen isn’t working.”
“Okay, do you want an upgrade?”
“Maybe. Do you have any phones with a physical keyboard?”
“Okay, I think I’ll hold off for now, but I just want to know if there’s any way to save the data on my phone.”
“Sorry, no.”
“Okay, well I think my contacts are backed up at least. Is there any way to double check?”
“Yes, you can go online to your account.”
“…Okay, I guess that’s all I had. Thanks.

Let’s review what just happened.

1. The sales person was completely useless
2. They didn’t try to solve the problem at all
3. What little instruction they gave was incredibly vague
4. They only wanted to sell me a new phone

Let’s be real; I wasn’t expecting them to fix it. Customer service expectations are so low these days. The only thing we expect is to get swindled out of our money.

But I was at least hoping they would look at my phone. Like, physically make eye contact with it and ask what model it was or if I had troubleshooted.

I got nothing!

Which only proves that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

By researching online, I found a way to unlock my phone with a magnet. Because I have a keyboard, (this is why keyboards are so important!) I am able to navigate my phone and send text messages, reply to emails and scroll though applications. I can bypass the touchscreen entirely and still have enough functionality to use my phone.

You know what I would really love, though?
A company that doesn’t treat their own product like disposable garbage.


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