A poet was recently challenged to write about his greatest fear. Due to some traumatic childhood memory, that fear is drowning.
I decided to take a shot at the theme, with his view in mind. Specifically, he wanted something that was action-packed, but not depressing.

Without further ado, I give you Drowning.


Pooling water from the trickling rain
Tears welling on a brave man’s face
Melting snow forms a creek through the wood
To a river, through a lake, into the ocean

The rising tide turns
The waves collide
The ebb and flow churns
Into a mix of pain and fury

The life of water from droplets to seas
As one man stands against this beast
To survive an entity larger than himself
Larger than his land
Larger than the strength of all men
Punching into the water with cupped hands

Kicking with devotion to reach the surface
Gasping for breaths when his lungs choke on water
Defying the abyss with definitive purpose
When it pushes, he pushes harder

To fight the cracking thunder
The dark, colossal sky
The wind and vast waves
Nature’s malevolent side

Until daylight shines upon him
And the clouds part in peace
The swelling ocean settles
And decides upon release

A titanic predator releasing its prey
The human body is only two thirds water
And we like to keep it that way



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