35,000 Feet

Cotton balls drift in a spacious, open sky
Swirling currents directing the fluffy masses
Hovering above a vast and ever-changing surface
Thick with dirt and rock and sand

Facets, pockets of Earthly design
Spread farther than the eye can see
There are patches of spongy bushes
Clumped like green moss on a tree

There are sturdy, well-formed peaks
With complex etches into sprawling arms
Apexes of every altitude connected by high ridges
Cutting harshly at the edges and folding into veins

They thirst with an empty flow when dry
Yearning for that blue liquid injection
A vascular system shooting erratically outward
To collect in large, disuniform pools

In likeness to the veins are narrow concrete strips
Perpendicular and parallel, angular and geometric
Dotted and dashed with flits of alloy specks
An organized dusting of metallic glitter

They illuminate and sparkle with a change of view
Light passes from one to another; A steady, pulsing signal
From square unto reflective ribbon
Electric scattering of an infinite circuit board

A dispersal across yellow patterns, circles and grids
Through bushy tufts and dark crevices
Up ashen clods, their visage outer
And through white, finely-ground powder

The charged transmission surges slowly, unheeded
To unite in a hub that shimmers beyond the horizon
A reservoir with infinitesimal ripples
Fluctuating toward the sun, a broad, solar column

When the dancing glimmers fade
Our heat source gone, the verge eclipsed
Tiny lights radiate in rows
To decorate borders and shadowy pits

A cycle of energy most easily observed
A terraqueous form most feasibly seen
At 35,000 feet


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