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Life comes at you Out of the Blue.

And so do my thoughts. Especially, since I wear a blue cycling helmet every morning. So, quite literally, my thought waves must pass through a blue shield. Right out of the blue! Or should I say write out of the blue?
Ba dum pssh.

I live and work in Chicago, but I grew up in Michigan. Honestly, I think of Chicago as an extension of my home state. It’s my two favorite places hugging my favorite Great Lake.

I’m still a kid at heart and, consequently, keep an active lifestyle. Outdoor sports bring happiness into my life, and an appreciation for nature. Chiefly, cycling, which I find quite liberating.

Through it all, I continue to pursue my creative passions-  video production, writing, improv, music, photography and graphic design. All of the artwork on this website is my own creation and completely original.

This site, by the way, started as a string of e-mails to my closest friends. I can’t thank them enough for their support over the years, and I hope everyone else finds it just as entertaining.

All the best,